Symptoms of cancer should be discussed with the doctor at the earliest in order to avoid any serious problems. Some common cancer symptoms include tiredness, weight loss and pain.

Most cancer patients observe tiredness all through the span of the disease. Signs of cancer if noticed, should be dealt with very soon so as to avoid further problems and serious health conditions. Steady weariness and tiredness may be related to both malignant as well as non malignant situations that can be found out only after proper diagnosis.

Painful sensation is another symptom that one may suffer from but it is the non specific sign. This sort of symptom is generally faced by the patients who have bone cancer. Back pain may also be an indicator of ovarian cancer. On the other hand, abdominal pain can be associated with pancreas cancer.

Most people even face abnormal losing of weight that can be horrible. Losing few pounds can be fine but seeing considerable change in your weight in a short span of time can be a sign of cancer. Weight loss symptom is generally associated with cancer of stomach or pancreas.

So if you face any of the symptoms of cancer mentioned above and others that are not listed here, better consult the doctor fast. You may be suffering from the deadly disease of cancer. Ignoring the symptoms may lead to difficulties in the long run and even take your cancer to the advanced stages. Have a look at other specific cancer symptoms and keep yourself informed of the signs and symptoms.